Lord Poppington NFA Appearance

Percy, Lord Poppington, will be popping into the National Film Awards on 31st March 2015 to ensure that all the guests are enjoying his perfectly popped corn. Lord Poppington enjoys a good film and is thrilled that some of his favourite actors and films are up for an award this year. Sponsoring one of the categories at the National Film Awards this year makes it all the more special for him.


Lord Poppington enjoys nothing more than rubbing shoulders with the film world’s movers and shakers and will be accompanied by Lady Poppington on this auspicious occasion. He said: “Party on with Lord Poppington’s carefully selected popcorn in six delectable flavours. If you can’t be with us in person, why not settle down with a sharing bag of Sweet & Salty and watch it all on Sky?”


An independent tasting panel who blind tasted five brands of popcorn recently commented that Lord Poppington’s Salty popcorn has “a great texture, full of flavour, good balance of salt to popcorn” and it is “light and melt in the mouth”.


Lord Poppington’s delicious popcorn is produced in Leicester by Savoury & Sweet Ltd and can be found in some of the country’s best supermarkets including 100 of Asda’s Food to Go areas and Roadchef.


Visit www.lordpoppington.co.uk for more information, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook.

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